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AIR SYSTEM Enterprise Co., Ltd., founded in 1985, has become a leading supplier of Clean Room Equipment, Clean Room Wear and Clean Room Accessories in Taiwan over decades of dedication Established with the most professional team, we are in great demand from products developing, testing, manufacturing, quality control to prompt delivery. We surely can fulfill customers’ requirements in every aspect.

We are proud to establish reputation among most well-known companies, such as TSMC, NANYA, AUO, CHI-MIE,.... Our products are widely applied in the field of semiconductor, TFT-LCD, optronics, photomask, precision, pharmaceutical, Food...industries. We will continue researching and developing to achieve our goal of ultra clean containment control.


Cleanroom Coverall >> For class 1-100


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Cleanroom Coverall >> For class 100-1k


Material: Tyvek Size:M、L、XL
Features: High air permeability and comfort,
offer particle barrier, prevent from
liquid splash, antistatic.

Material: PP non-woven
Size: L (170cm)、XL (180cm)、XXL (190cm)
Features: High air permeability, economic price,
offer particle barrier,easy to put on and
take off.
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Cleanroom Suit >> For class 10k


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Cleanroom Coat >> For class 100k


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Antistatic Inner Garment

Antistatic Working Garment for Cleanroom


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